Ultra High Performance - Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Precast Sandwich Panel Design

Within the architectural precast industry, the ability to develop a thinner, lighter, more durable panel provides a compelling set of construction and design possibilities. Combining with increased structural and thermal performance marks a significant advancement in the current methods being practiced in the industry. 

Through the introduction of Ultra High Performance- Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHP-FRC), the sandwich panel façade typology now becomes a more optimized panel on many levels. Standard sandwich panels range from 8” to 14” in thickness with an R-Value typically ranging from 12-20 for most regions.  Because UHP-FRC does not require rebar reinforcement and has a much greater compressive strength, the ability to cast thinner wythes provides an opportunity for a new approach to the insulated precast panel. This in turn allows for new strategies for addressing thermal issues and ultimately extrapolates into an advantageous position for life-cycle cost and carbon footprint within this particular building component.


Team Members
Halima Arevalo
Jonathan Essary
Samantha Richardson
Lana Shihabeddin

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CELB @ UT Arlington
GATE Precast

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