Rammed and Cast Earth Façade Modular Systems

Earth Architecture has a long history within certain climatic regions around the world. While construction applications vary, there is little debate as to the sustainable and economic value in the use of earth as a readily accessible resource. From low-income to boutique applications, the current range of architecture research shifts focus to material composition and higher performance optimization. 
This research examines two methodologies of producing modular components for a façade. The first is the production of rammed earth blocks. Interlocking geometry with shadow casting face geometry provides a range of optimized performance outcomes. The second methodology is cast earth and involves using a wet earth mix and structural reinforcement to achieve structural and material optimization. This testing explores larger components as blocks that can be cast with thermal blocking to increase R-Value in the wall system. Both methods work from an extensive inquiry into the material and structural composition of earth architecture conducted in conjunction with the Geotechnical Department in the Civil Engineering School at UT Arlington




Team Members
Joseph Boring
Ikram Eloualid
Elizabeth Hurtado

Industrial Partners
Dr. Madan L Mehta
Dr. Xinbao Yu
Silver Creek Materials
Zanher Design & Fabrication

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