Concrete Canvas® is a flexible cement impregnated fabric made by MILLIKIN that hardens on hydration to form a thin durable concrete layer. As concrete, the material possesses an inherent strength and as a fabric it has an innate organic quality and movement. The unique material property allows a range of surface manipulation, presenting potential for dynamic cladding system that yields a complexity not available within current construction materials. 

Digital analysis and simulation provides a clear strategy for synthesizing optimal visual and thermal performance as a screening layer of the facade.  Large-scale prototyping uses a systematic approach of forming, folding and shaping to produce a fixed number of component modules for the rainscreen. A blend of material and formal properties are explored in the configuration of each module to provide a unique synthesis of fluidity and rigidity. 



Team Members
Edward Casteneda
Donavan Howard
Matt Morris
Bryan Nors

Industrial Partners
Milliken & Company
Concrete Canvas

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Concrete Canvas Rainscreen PDF