Thermal Bi-Metal Fins in Triple Glazed Windows

Conventional building envelope technology is expected to consolidate a number of contradictory performance criteria, such as heat gain/loss visibility, ventilation, and natural light.  Traditionally, these issues have been met with static façade systems because moving parts are prone to mechanical failure or if operable, require additional energy to operate.

The use of Thermal Bi-Metal as a zero-energy solar mitigating façade system provides a unique opportunity to calibrate the balance between visibility and solar performance throughout the course of a day or year. By containing the Bi-Metal fins within a triple glazed window system, the ability to amplify thermal factors to activate the configuration of the fin, thus influencing the visibility or the shading, is the primary trajectory of this research. 


Team Members
Adam Heisserer
Khang Nguyen
Tenaj Pinder

Industrial Partners
Engineered Materials Solutions
PPG Glass

News & Publications
ACES Graduate Sustainability Award UT Arlington 2014

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